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Don't click!!! I'm warning you! Do not click! <---- DO NOT CLICK THOSE WORDS!!! NOOOO!!!!

If you click this, something will happen.

Here are some things I know about you:

  1. You are a person
  2. You are reading this
  3. This is number 4
  4. No, it's not, this is number 4 happy.png
  5. We are halfway through
  6. You are reading this
  7. You are alive
  8. You can read
  9. You are going to follow me (hopefully)
  10. You are going to subscribe to my channel here.
  11. This is the last fact

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Oh nice you looked at my profile happy.png but sadly this is the end sad.png                                                              

Oh, no it's not happy.png I tricked ya >: D                                                                                                                 

Now, this is really the end. So now the only thing to do is go back up and read this all over again grin.png 

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