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Chris Hodges
Louisville, Kentucky, United States
Mar 23, 2008
Last Login
Apr 21, 2014

I am an active member of Chess Unlimited as an admin, a group that has grown from 25 members when I first joined to over 4000 with me helping as an admin and super admin! Currently I am attending Brown Mackie College going for an Associates in Accounting Technology. Last September I won a 1300 and under USCF tournament winning 210 dollars and a trophy to add to my what seems like ancient collection lol. This year I do plan on taking a week off of work and going to a tournament but it has to work in conjunction with my class schedule. I am not completely sure which one yet but I do also plan to go out of state. This time I will have to join at least a 1400 and under division.

Also, I am available as a mentor, and have already two succesful students who are still improving. I helped them improve by 200 points and I have yet to see them drop back to where they were when I finished tutoring them in the best way that I could. But as I get better the better I can tutor so I am also available as a student and would spend the necessary amount of time to get better in the way encouraged. But I love to teach as much as I can or help if possible.

I also am taking part in movies by playing an extra for now...maybe it will go further than that one day but if it doesn't no big deal. i'm in a zombie movie that is under production right now (still being shot) and plan on getting in more than music trailers and behind the scenes. In any case its tons of fun to go, its like a big party for people who don't get drunk! So anybody like me is encouraged to find one and go, just go prepared!!! I got to meet the original Jason too and some other actors I didn't know about! Next year, or shoot, I'll post some good quality pictures so keep an eye out. Next shoot doesnt seem to be February but I'll keep my ear open for a date. Once I graduate college, my buddy A.J. is going to have me helping him with his independent films eventually which should be fun. I'll try to keep this updated for anyone who cares. If you have questions just ask me!!!

I wish the best of luck to everyone in all your games and hope you get to share the same enjoyment out of chess that I have. One that has revitalized my mind, became a great hobby, and provides learning and improvement opportunities within the game.

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