Sep 29, 2008
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May 25, 2009
hi, my name is Thuy Hiep Dinh, you can call me T if ya cant pronounce my name... im tall, tomboyish, and trustworthy Actually my name is trisha and im a girly girl, tall, trustworthy, very pretty (thats wat my friends say) in the pic im on the right. I write and draw and really fun to be around at times! :) i am currrently single... and waitin for a guy....! i can be bored easily and really easy to influence to do things so basically all you have to say is trisha shut up and do it! i am very laid back and easygoing but then again if you pis me off i can totally kick ur!! but i wouldnt inless absolutly nessasary!! :) i am a good speller for the most par but when it comes around to night im not a ware of some of the things i do!!! !! im a pretty good friend at least thats wat my friends say and i am pretty caring to but i definatly have my moments and probs!! my fam. owns a nail shop.... anyways if you think ud like me add me and you know wat to do!!! $