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Welcome to my profile! I am Balázs Csonka, 24-year-old International Master from Hungary with one grandmaster norm and peak rating of 2500 (current: 2498). I have won various Hungarian youth and junior championships 18 times, while I am a three-time European Youth bronze medalist and I was part of the gold medalist Hungarian national team at the Mitropa Cup in 2019.

I have been coaching since 2017. So far I have worked mostly with some talented Hungarian youngsters who achieved great results on both national and international level. My training methods include:

  • learning new openings (and the arising middlegames)
  • exploring numerous middlegame themes and pawn structures
  • learning theoretical endgames
  • studying the classics
  • and most importantly: analysing students' games and pointing out their mistakes
  • (training games are also available)

My students say that they have won a lot of games thanks to my ideas in the opening. They have also experienced improvement in pure positional play, strategic thinking and endgame skills. I always send the training material to my students right after the lessons.

Apart from coaching, I have worked together for many years with my good friend and former prodigy, GM Benjamin Gledura. A work from which both of us have benefitted immensely.

If you are interested in working with me, please contact me here in direct message or via email at csonka.balazs97@gmail.com or bazsi415@gmail.com. My hourly rate is 30€ or 35$ (discounts are also possible). Mainly students below the 2300 FIDE rating level are welcome.

I occasionally do streams at twitch.tv/londoner7, while you can check my blog here: https://www.chess.com/blog/CSB7