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Join My Cuber Club!

  Hello everybody! I'm a cuber (which is someone who likes Rubik's cube), and I like chess too! I've created a chess club, but I didn't find many people to join this Cuber Club. At first, I thought there would be someone to join this club, but now I found out this club only has a few people and is (very) slowly increasing.

If you are a cuber,  please join my club and we can become friends (This doesn't mean you must join the club to be my friend, it's not a problem if you don't join my club. But if you can, please join my club!)! But if you are not a Cuber, you are welcome to!

I'm also a homeschooled Christian who likes to read the Bible! Be my friend if you want some scripture from the Bible!


║99.9% of you won't post this.

ll When Jesus died on the cross, He was

║thinking of you. If you're one of the 0.1% that

║cares, put this on your profile.


Goodbye! Have a good day!