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I am Petra Papp (2341), WGM from Hungary.

I won the Hungarian Woman Rapid Championship three times (2018, 2020, 2021).

I have played three times in the Chess Olympiads.

I love teaching chess, and it is essential for me that both of us enjoy the lessons besides the hard work.

You can see some feedback from my coaching services:

I am a flexible coach; I try to feel what the students like to do in chess. Also, the work depends on their style. I think the calculation is critical, so we have to solve a lot of tactics together. Also, I like to give homework.

It's crucial to analyze the students' games to see where we still have to improve.

Depending on the student's character, I am trying to teach the most suitable openings for them; it can be sidelines or mainlines. But it's essential for me that the student has like the systems, so I am pretty flexible with that.

Lessons are fun and exciting and will lead to better results. My training is most suitable for players eager to improve.

I prefer to work with students for a mfore extended period, and I believe that the only way a coach can truly help students is in an extended period.

Lessons in English using Skype.

Here you can see one of my most admirable combinations: