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Daniel Hansen
Saint Paul, MN, United States
Nov 24, 2007
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6 hrs ago
Supporting member since May 10, 2008

I design and build furniture (among other things) as well as teach interior and furniture design. I've spent most of my life in Minnesota, but have traveled a fair amount, including living in Japan and Australia while I was in the Marines. I'm an outspoken atheist, love science and art, and have two cats named Tycho and Sophie Brahe. I read a lot, enjoy theatre and live music, really like Brit-coms, but don't see very many movies and don't watch a lot of TV.

You can see my rating here. Nothing impressive, but I'm not embarrassed by it. It's an enjoyable game (and a bit addictive) which I want to get better at, but I'm not deluded enough to think I'll ever be incredible at it. My goal is to get to the point where I could play in a few low level tournaments OTB and not completely embarrass myself. More important than that, of course, is I just want to get better and meet new people. I love to chat during a game, but if that's not your bag, that's fine too.

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