Diamond Member

Hi! My name is  DAKSSAHNI.

I love to play chess. That's what I can say. Feel free to message, challenge me 3min blitz rated or send me a friend request. Hope you have a good day ahead!

I guess the most unusual games played-

1. https://www.chess.com/game/live/14237536293 (check the accuracy lol)

2. https://www.chess.com/analysis/game/live/14566691351?tab=report

I mean just see he had 1 minute and I had 20 secs at a time. Can you believe my opponent lost on time? He had like a queen and two pawns so he could have made the game a draw by sacrificing his queen but he went for a win and lost on time. Just see this game. Brilliant time management by me. And he played like WTF.

3. https://www.chess.com/analysis/game/live/14888271643?tab=report

In this game I made a brilliant queen sac for style. I could have force mated in 2, but made the beautiful queen bq.png sacrifice.

Bruh, have you ever saw 3 queens on the board by move 10? I don't think so. Maybe a 1 in 1000s of games, but my opponent played like a, wait what.. So here I present the game no.4- https://www.chess.com/analysis/game/live/15018404409?tab=report

5. https://www.chess.com/analysis/game/live/15168852151?tab=report 

The game was kinda puzzling, BUT at the last moment he had 24 secs and had forced mate in 3. Even if he doesn't find it, there's no way I could have won that except for.............. TIME! He was the worst opponent in terms of time management I mean, WHY!?!?  why did he spent 24 secs and lost on time? Maybe he had a challenge or had some emergency. Who knows!

6. https://www.chess.com/analysis/game/live/15312781937?tab=report 

This was a normal game in vienna gambit. I thought (before analysing) Yeah, yet another boring game, let's analyze. (After Analysing) I was feeling like I became the strongest player on the Earth! I played a brilliant!! Move Rg8 I just wanted to exchange pieces so that I could win in a winning endgame. He had a chance to beat me. But he didn't and I loved that it was brilliant.