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Damonevic Smithlov

Charlotte NC / Houston & Rockport TX, Liechtenstein
Sep 21, 2014
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5 hrs ago

My name is Damon Smith and I don't really live in Liechtenstein but I might one day. Who knows what the future will be? My goal in life is finding tranquility, happiness, and the perfect sunset. I want to travel the world at least once. I love cruises, not sure why I love the ocean so much, I feel drawn to it. I like to remodel homes and build new ones. I'm currently down here in south Texas at the ocean rebuilding hurricane damaged homes from hurricane Harvey. I'm a fan of chess, nature, real estate, cryptocurrency, mma, and cute fluffy kittens.  Remember this, as Rod Stewart says in the song Young Turks (these lyrics mean everything in life):  LIFE IS SO BRIEF AND TIME IS A THIEF WHEN YOU'RE UNDECIDED........AND LIKE A FIST FULL OF SAND IT CAN SLIP RIGHT THROUGH YOUR HANDS. Quite true.





The crypocurrency rollercoaster ride. It's not always going up like a rocket.

Vassily Ivanchuk thinking about whether to go have some vodka...

Vassily Ivanchuk 5 hours later after a bottle & a half of vodka...

 Breaking News!!  Jussie Smolletts dog injured in vicious unprovoked attack!

Bigfoot has finally been found!!

Some music from my YouTube playlist. I believe this era of music showed the most talent. At this time if u weren't a very good musician u couldn't fake it. It was u and a microphone. Ur band had to be able to play instruments very well and u had to write and make great music. Here it is:

These guys were sooo high during this show (the following video), especially the singer. I can't believe he was able to keep it together to finish.

In the following video, the guy right next to the lead singer (to the singer's right but our left) reminds me of Yasser Seirawan. Yasser, do u play with a rock band sometimes?Smooth and mellow.

This Russian band is absolutely amazing! One of the very best I've ever heard. Ever.

Same band.aaand once more.

I love this song, I don't know why. She has such a beautiful sound.

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