cristopher dan
California, United States
Jun 9, 2008
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17 days ago
hi everyone !! i'm christopher, but my mates call me kris, there's not really much to tell about me, well i just like to play chess as a hobbie, i'm glad i've found this page because i finally have some people to play with (almost all my friends find the game bouring) i really like to make new friends, visiting new places,to get out of my daily routine, i'm 20 years old, and love to go party, like everyone at my age, watching t.v. also, and playing x-box(the 360, not the oldpiece of crap one) my favorite kind of music is classic rock, progressive rock, almost all british bands, reggae, ska, mariachi and boleros. (i hate mexican northern music) well that's all fellows...... por ultimo quiero agradecer a la gente que estuvo con migo dede el comienzo, algunos sigen hasta hoy , gracias totales!!.
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