May 25, 2009
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Aug 6, 2019

Our movements are justified as stipulated within the constitution, giving U.S. soldiers a defending position up holding America’s preamble in its entirety as written. Freedom isn’t a privilege, it’s a human right to live free as GOD intended mankind to do and not be bonded by any tyrants chains of   severity. Americans broke the chains of oppression of a people four-hundred plus years ago; Emancipation Proclamation, dictation towards unity and prosperity. 

Soldiers past and present have been fighting for dictation of freedom around the world. Our history has always been the construction worker building a prosperous future for all humanity.

Getting another country to adopt a constitutional way of life for the people is a complex task and we are here in Afghanistan for that purpose, (Operation Enduring Freedom). The lives that have been lost haven’t been lost in vain, but in the course of justice, freedom and our stars and stripes, soldiers bear arms to conquer the dangerous minds of tyrants, or any regimes that want to be oppressive; soldiers don’t bear arms to conquer a people.

Gladiators nor hunters we are not. We are United States soldiers in force patrolling so that others can live without fear of living.

Lines have been drawn; ones that soldier can’t cross over, The Geneva Convention opposes war crimes and our Government will not allow things of this nature to happen in our military.

Spiders spin webs to fest, while humankind spins webs of deceit.

 We cannot count a soldier marching miles nor his loved ones lost smile.

Can we count the countless bones that do not bare the black dots, a game this is not? A soldiers boot prints for there are a lot.

Dig your trenches deep and wide, for in war death we cannot hide, for a soldier’s boot prints will forever march with time.

Tic toc, now is not the time to watch your clocks, for the battle is on and the fighting begins, for a soldiers boot prints indents the land.

Soldiers prepare your fires and construct your tents for the night may be cold.

Hold your positions around the warmth of the blaze, while soldier’s stories unfold.

Soldiers read and write your letters to comfort your soul.

A soldiers boot prints are many and bold for enemies to behold.

Our time draws closer to the end, every second, every minute of every hour of every day

We could become our own worst enemy or another soldier’s worst enemy, while complacency hitches a ride with short timers on deployments.

To all my brothers in arms here and there, remember why we fight and as we march we need not let our guard down, every foot step counts until the day we are in our loved ones arms. Complacency has no stock in our ARMY.

Soldiers loved ones hold on tightly to your belief in our GOD and your moral integrity, for we need you to be strong for us, to be strong in our time of departure; our missions are short missions but can be long ones without our loved ones support.