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Danielle Rice

Denver, United States
Aug 5, 2009
Last Login
Jun 6, 2018

I play infrequently in OTB play at the Denver Chess Club and Colorado tournaments, preferring to play in large multi-day national events outside my state (I am a Sabbath observor and cannot handle a digital clock nor write my moves from sundown Friday evening until after sundown Saturday evening). Besides chess, I enjoy Golf, White-Water River Rafting (down the Arkansas and Yampa rivers here in Colorado  http://www.coloradorafting.net/#about-rafting/video-gallery) and downhill skiing (usually you will catch me racing down the moguls on Mary Jane at Colorado's Winter Park resort during the Winter months).




My philosophy regarding online blitz:


- I will not ask for takebacks --  I do not give takebacks. Sorry...It's blitz baby!


- I realize there are mouseslips - that's why God gave us a "RESIGN" button.


- Generally my most brilliant moves are indistinguishable from my mouseslips


- I don't think there's ever a reason to get abusive and I think it's unfair
  to disconnect when getting trounced


- I don't expect the same from you because you probably have a psychotic
  obsession with rating points


- "It is one of the insights of modern players, and especially of the best
  ones, that one has to play the position itself, not some abstract idea of the
  position."  John Watson, Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy, 1998


My philosophy in life:


Forest Gump got it all wrong...Life isn't like a box of chocolates.... it's
  like a jar of jalepenos. What you do today may burn your bottom tomorrow!


FIDE Rating is here:



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