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CM DaPazz

Leonardo Da Paz
Manaus City, Brazil
Sep 28, 2013
Last Login
12 hrs ago
Supporting member since Oct 6, 2013

1- Here is a very good club! I am a Candidate Master by FIDE! my favorite players are A.Nimzowitch;A.Alekhine;An.Karpov;M.Botvinnik;V.Anand;G.Kasparov;A.Kostenjuk;Ju.Polgar and the power Computer Deep Blue 

 2-I like to read many books and my favorites are Kama sutra, Practical Chess, Encyclopedias of the openings, all forms of sex between man and woman! Friendship is a very good thing! I'm here to make new friends and get very sad when I see someone cheating in chess! dirty as this image of a sport so beautiful in this humanity for over 10,000 years!

3-I wish you all happiness and that the great architect of the universe bless you all!

4- in slow tournaments I play very well! but in blitz competitions I'm horrible!

5- I am graduated in Physical Education and pedagogy.

6- I apologize ... because sometimes lose a game and I'm angry and I can not control my emotions and talk some nonsense ... nothing personal it's just me I speak or write.

7-I invented a variant in the opening Andersen ... I baptized Ita-Gadelha variant in honor of my family ... 1.a3 e5 [1 ... d5] 2.h4!? (Ita-Gadelha variant) or order moves 1.a3 d5 2.h4 .

8 - my nickname is DaPazz = Peace 

9 - Thank You !  

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