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Learn ALL THE SECRETS that took me from 700 to 2600 and more coming!

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My name is Himanshu ( Yes, you can call me Dark Knight!). After following a systematic approach, that I discovered on my own, my understanding of chess and ratings went up by a big number.

What happened was, On multiple chess servers, I improved from 700 to 2600+ [Percentile : 99.9% on Chess.com]  Since I've personally faced and solved every hurdle that comes in breaking every rating barrier at 700-800-900-1000-1100-1200-1300-1400-1500-1600-1700-1800-1900-2000-2100-2200-2300-2400-2500-2600, I very easily understand the problems they are facing and immediately start to solve the root problems, that eventually solves lots of other problems automatically. I explain ideas/plans/strategies that are firmly tested and work very well in practical play. And then, I thoroughly train, step by step, how to apply and use them as a game changer.

* Frequently Asked Questions -

1. How Chess Lessons are conducted?

We will use Chess.com interface and Zoom/Skype/ Google Hangouts/Google Meet to communicate at the same time. Online lessons have a lot of advantages over Offline. Very easy to Learn in a fun way.

2. Why taking Chess Lessons is so important?

It is extremely important to direct precious time and energy in correct direction. You want to avoid forming bad habits first, and then trying fixing them. You can save wasting months and years of your time, Also a lot of money that you might waste on Non-Productive improvement methods and materials. 

3. How do I book Lessons?

Book lessons using my website - www.darkknightchess.com or PayPal. My PayPal email is darkknightattack@gmail.com

Most important thing is my genuine interest in your improvement. I am very motivated and have very strong will to push you improve. I will surely coach you if you are genuinely willing to improve. Thank you.

My PayPal email : darkknightattack@gmail.com