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Available for Instant and Weekly lessons! www.darkknightchess.com : Book Your Slot here. Few slots left. Lessons: 30USD/2h MasterClass Lesson, 120USD/10h MasterClass Lessons, 210USD/20h MasterClass Lessons and Unlimited Lessons = Truly Unlimited! 200 to 1000+ Rating Increment with Money Back Guarantee. 

** Claim the lessons package that suits you the best and just drop me a message/email with the time zone and hours that work well on weekdays and weekends for the lessons.

** Connect me directly using Zoom/Discord/Google Meet/Skype/Gmail/Google Hangouts, Using all in one integrated email darkknightattack@gmail.com

My name is Himanshu ( Yes, You can call me Dark Knight! ) I was a Innocent Guy, happily rated 700 on chess.com, But someone poked The Dark Knight Inside me.

What happened was, On multiple chess servers, I improved from 700 to 2350+ ,  Since I've personally faced and solved every hurdle that comes in Breaking every Rating Barrier at 700-800-900-1000-1100-1200-1300-1400-1500-1600-1700-1800-1900-2000-2100-2200-2300+ , I understand and feel what someone feels and problems they face at their rating barrier. For that reason I can claim your improvement and rating increment with Money Back Guarantee.

* Frequently Asked Questions -

1. How Chess Lessons are conducted?

We will use Chess.com interface and Skype/ Google Hangouts/ Zoom/ Google Meet to communicate at the same time. Online lessons have a lot of advantages over Offline. Very easy to Learn in a fun way.

2. Why taking Chess Lessons is so important?

You want to save wasting months and years of your time, Also a lot of money that you might waste on Non-Productive improvement methods and materials. A lot of players watch tons of online available chess videos, They use Chess Engines in completely improper way which actually Harms their chess improvement. They buy different Video series courses and Spend hundreds of Dollars on Chess Softwares but still they struggle to improve. Why ? Because every player has their Own way of Thinking , Learning and Improving. That's why Lessons are so important.

3. What I will Learn here?

 You will Learn Everything that is needed for your All Round Rapid Development. A lot of things you will learn here No Book, Video or Chess Software can Teach you.

I will Teach You All Knowledge and Experience that is needed to Break the Barrier you are Facing right now. You will Learn Best Openings and Build your Whole Opening Repertoire for Both White and Black , Best Middlegame Plans and Strategies , and Mastering the Endgame Technique. Also you will be Taught --

-- How to Master Tactics and Strategies !

-- How to Imagine/Visualize positions and Calculate without looking at the Board !

-- How to Solve Tactics and Play Games Blindfolded !

-- How to Think Brilliantly !

-- How to Come up with Creative and Genius Ideas !

-- How to use the Knowledge you acquire here as a Game Changer !

-- How to Find Best Moves and Plans !

-- How to Master Light and Dark Squares Attack and Defense !

-- How and When to Attack your Opponent , So that they can't Defend themselves !

-- How to Outplay Higher Rated Opponents in Opening , Middlegame and Endgame !

-- How to Master Chess Psychology in Your Favor and How to use it against Your Opponents !

-- How to use Chess Engines like a Pro !

-- How to Trap your Opponent into his Own Trap ! and Much More ...

4. What is Unlimited Chess Lessons Package ?

-- Lessons : 30USD/2Hours, 120USD/10Hours 210USD/20Hours

-- There is an Option of Unlimited Lessons. Unlimited Lessons = Truly Unlimited, No limitations on Number of lessons. After mutual agreement, We will set a Rating Target for you and You will Keep on getting Lessons unless and until we reach the Target ! 

-- Unlimited Lessons : Negotiable /200++Rating Increment Guaranteed !

-- For Below 1600 Rated Players : Negotiable /500++Rating Increment Guaranteed ! 

-- For Below 1000 Rated Players : Negotiable /1000++Rating Increment Guaranteed ! 

5. How do I book Lessons?

-- Book lessons using PayPal. My PayPal email is darkknightattack@gmail.com

Most important thing is My Genuine Interest in Your Improvement. I am very motivated and have Very Strong will to push You Improve. I will surely Coach you If you are Genuinely willing to improve. Thank you.

** If You Promise to Put in Your Best Effort for Learning and Improving, then Unlimited Lessons come with Money Back Guarantee for You ! We Reach Our Target Rating, If not, Money gets Refunded !

** Book your Slot Before All slots get Filled and Price gets Doubled/Tripled **

I'm available on Zoom/Discord/Skype/Google Hangouts/Google Meet. Message me on Chess.com / email me. Now, All in One Integrated -- My e-mail, Hangouts and PayPal e-mail is darkknightattack@gmail.com. Book 2h/10h/20h/Unlimited Lessons using PayPal. ThankYou!

My PayPal email : darkknightattack@gmail.com

My Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgjgGJA8h10c8gJHh9UgP8w

My Twitch Channel : https://www.twitch.tv/darkknightattack