My name is _____ and I'm twelve years old. I have been playing chess for 7 months!Some of my favorite hobbies are basketball, chess, video games, other sports (basketball is my favorite), and hanging out with friends. My favorite NBA team is the Blazers and Damian Lillard is my favorite player! I'm still mad that he didn't get All-Star Starter. 

Favorite Openings:

Ruy Lopez (White)

Sicilian Najdorf (Black)

Queen's Gambit (White)

Nimzo-Indian (Black)
















Blog: https://www.chess.com/blog/DarknessDestroyer

New Club: https://www.chess.com/club/ooof 

Challenge me to Rated 30 sec, Rated 1 Min, Unrated 3 min, and 15|10 (Rated or Unrated is fine)! 

Favorite Attacking Openings:

King's Gambit

Petrov's Defense: Urusov Gambit 

Nimzowitch-Latsen Attack

Add me as a friend if you havent already, I accept all friend request!

Not So Pro Teams I am on:

Computer Chess Wizards

B1: @Woodpusher28

B2: @Kira_Is_Coming 

B3: @MathSam57

B4: @SpeedyCyclone (Captain)

B5: Me!

Currently we have a record of 2.5-1.5 and are in first in our division!


B1: @BJthechessgod 

B2: @Sep-Gol

B3: @Joseph7505

B4: @Neatgreatfire 

B5: Me/ @FrompyPuff  I was supposed to be starter but the rating average was too high so they made ME have to take turns starting.

B6: @SuperStarGod (Captain)

B7: @Batman557 

We are 0-2 this season but we will make a comeback! evil.png

Ultra-Bullet Chess League:

B1: @orlandokid2009 (Captain)

B2: @sneezingdino

B3: Me!

B4: @Spirit_of_Australia 

B5: @SouvickChess8400 

season hasnt started yet.

Chess Goals for the year:

1900 Blitz

2000 Bullet

1500 Rapid

Win a USCF rated tournament ( already did that but there were only 10 players)

Beat a IM in Rapid

NM in 2 years (Not a goal for this year just a goal)

I hope you enjoyed this nonsense wink.png

Have a nice day!