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Cactus C.
Swamps of Georgia, United States
Aug 1, 2007
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May 2, 2008
I am reclusive by nature, and dwell on a great many subjects spanning an enormous amount of particulars and such.Twilight is reserved for sitting on a makeshift dock, listening intently for the ancient cry of Great Blue Heron Cranes as they flee from ferocious alligators. Evenings...A time of utmost solace in which I mostly fend off legions of insects...each eager for my precious blood. On especially quiet midnights, under the dull light of a full moon, their collective swarming is reminiscent of radio static. Dawn...I inhale musty air and gourge myself on a high fat breakfeast. The entire rest of daylight is spent lurking thru inpenatrable vines and forsaken marshes searching for bear sign - claw marks, scrapings, droppings, blood, etc. Chess is one of the rarest of things... It quiets my mind. My favourite opening is by far the English. The Alekhine Defence is wonderful for early piece development. I like the attacking part of chess, and sometimes it gets me in quite a bind. But no matter how dire my position...I relish the attack. Oh, my dear friends, how I relish it! So much so, as I would take an oath to it. In my youth, I used to ponder about chess, before I knew much about it, thinking it a silly version of checkers on steroids. But oh, dear ones, how mistaken I was!
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