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dato antia
Zugdidi, Georgia
Feb 5, 2013
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7 hrs ago
თვითნასწავლი! I am Georgian!!! Georgia is a small country, it is situated between the mountains of the Great Caucasian Range and the Black sea. Population is about 5 million. There are great many mountains, rivers and lakes in the country. The country has about 2 thousend mineral springs. Georgia is noted for it’s large number of resorts. Most resorts are located at the seaside and in the mountain zone. The Georgians are one of the most ancient people. The Georgian language is one of the oldest living language and the Georgian alphabet, are one of the fourteen alphabets in the world, which was created in the 3rd -4th centuries B.C. Georgia is a christian country. Georgia is known for its history and traditions, ancient monuments and beautiful, hospitable people. Tbilisi the capital of Georgia, is one of the ancient city of the world. it is more then 1500 years old. Legend has it that on a hant one day Georgian King Vakhtang Gorgasali ained at a pheasant and wounded it. The wounded pheasant fell in to a thermal spring and was headed, and the king willed to build a city at the place. Tbilisi is a wonderful city with it’s uniqal historical and architectural monuments. The guests of Tbilisi are also advised to visit central Botanical Garden, the Tbilisi sea and Mtawninda. So you can see many beautiful places in Tbilisi.
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