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Fide Senior Trainer, International Grandmaster from Georgia, rating 2556. Coach men and women Georgian Olympic team. Few my students took World champion title! Sopiko Guramishvili, Keti Tsatsalashvili, Bobby Cheng, Sayin Zhanat. European and world top 3 prize Anna-Maja Kazarian and Zhansaya Abdumalik.

Teaching methodology
I have experience teaching children as well. I speak fluent Russian and English.
I can set opening repertoire for White and Black. For young players, show line, ideas, explain each move in opening. For stronger players, I can show my analysis in theory, what players can us again opponent 2500+

Analyse game of students, see there weaknesses. Today I think, a lot of chessplayers working with computer, and not working enough with strategy. I will show best examples in strategy, how to evaluate position, how to make plans, for what need to see, how to search right move! See classical and famous games. Look in strategy, very imprortant things like exchange pieces, weak squares, weak pawn. Tactic - After see games of student, set specail tactic for him, to improve his tactical vision.

Learn endgames! Not only theory, but practical endgame.

I know, when student will remove his weak point, he will play much stronger!