I am 75, born June 1942.  FIDE rating 1782 july 2017, 1768 June 2015 down from 1786 May 2015 and 1810 April 2015.  Highest (2014/15) 1828.  Career high BCF 190 (approx. FIDE 2040) 1969.  Two games from that period are here. My most recent grading (October 2016) is 1769.

I play on-line at chess.com and also use www.chessgames.com.  This is a site for kibitzers to discuss chess in general, usually by reference to a POTD (Puzzle or Position of the Day) varying in difficulty from very easy to insane.  My handle is David2009 i.e. DavidMMIX with Arabic rather than Roman numerals.

2009 is the year I started playing competitive chess on the Internet.

In 2011 I joined Montbron chess club and got my first official FIDE rating (of 1730) in 2013 once I had played sufficient games against other FIDE-rated players. FIDE player card


Other interests in retirement are modern physics: www.physics.britfr.com and selling our French family house

Here's a link to a challenging ending (changes daily).  Enjoy!


When to resign?