May 25, 2008
Last Online
29 min ago

As long as I have control over who I choose to play, when it comes to other adults, I will only accept challenges and friend requests from female chess players. I'm not kidding. I have already made my own choice to only make friends with women chess players whether I'm participating in tournaments or not.  (There is a part of me that really does not want anymore male chess friends because I'm sick of their drama, gossip, and most of all, telling me how to play my game.  Also, men who try to think that women playing chess is very distracting are trying to deceive and bait me into being deprived of emotional support from the only people I care to be friends with, in my case, women, and I’m having none of it.) I, honestly, prefer to play chess with women, especially because I consider women my best friends. I also find women much easier to chat with and befriend, especially on this chess site. I do not blame any of the female chess players on this site that choose to decline my challenges. With that being said, I hope that you ladies that play with me on this site are playing honestly and not using any chess computer engines because I would hate to see any of my female chess friends end up getting their accounts closed by chess.com due to cheating. When it comes to kids, I'm willing to accept challenges from them as long as I know them in real life.  I recently heard that new variants were added for the new chess.com, including bughouse.  If I'm going to be playing bughouse games in the live chess arena, then I would choose to only allow women chess players to be my bughouse partner.  One more thing, I have zero tolerance for users accusing me of using a chess engine during my games, especially during live chess and if you accuse me of cheating, I will block you.