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Grandmaster (2560 FIDE) and FIDE trainer with 15 years of coaching experience.
I offer chess lessons and coaching to those serious about improving their game (minimum 1600 ELO FIDE). 
Fees are $120 per one-hour lesson. Prepaid block discounts are possible. If interested, please contact me at: dkuljasevic@gmail.com.
Some of my current/former students are: GM Sankalp Gupta, GM Visakh Narayanan, GM Vignesh Narayanan, IM Poh, Yu Tian, IM Kevin Wang, IM Jadranko Plenca, and IM Dante Beukes. I worked as a Junior chess coach in Dubai chess club from 2015-2017 and coached the Finland national teams from 2019-2021.
I have published instructive chess content in collaboration with New in Chess, Chessable, Chess.com, Forward Chess, Modern chess, ChessBase, thechessworld, and Internet Chess Club.
I am author of bestselling books 'Beyond Material' https://www.newinchess.com/beyond-material
Top competitive achievements: 
- 4th place in World Youth U16 in 2002
- Winner of international tournaments: SPICE Spring 2011, Zupanja 2011, Mediteran 2011, Split 2013, Castelfranco 2014; 
- Team achievements: Mitropa Cup team 1st place with Croatian national team in 2004, 2013 and 2017; US Chess league: 1st place in 2007 and 2008 with Dallas Destiny; multiple winner of Croatian cup and 1st league with teams 'Mladost' Zagreb and 'Liburnija' Rijeka.
Other notes:
I graduated with a Masters degree in Finance from Texas Tech University in 2011. I am a big Real Madrid and Dallas Mavericks fan.