I am SA for the 'Blade, The Daywalker Group' and enjoy playing fun team matches.  Feel free to join any of my other groups: SA for the 'ANZACS' - For any Aust/NZ with respective flag on their profile.  Lest we Forget! SA for the 'Volleyball' Group - Indoor, beach, seated players, coaches, managers & fans SA for Bruce Lee - The Legend SA for Agent Jason Bourne SA for Lucian, Lycan Werewolf SA The Terminator SA for Team All Blacks Admin for the Roman Colosseum Admin for the Green Lanterns Admin for the 13th Legion of Rome Admin for Legio II Augusta Admin for Legio XI Claudia Admin for Legio XIII Gemina Vexillatio Admin for Stultorum Feriae (Roman Festival of Fools) Admin for The Green Lanterns  If you want to join in and play fun matches, feel free to join all of these teams - what are you waiting for? :=)