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Travis Fox

Denver, United States
Jul 3, 2008
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21 hrs ago
I would consider myself a journeyman chess player who has ups and downs but always enjoys the game. I don't have time to become endlessly absorbed in books or magazines about chess, but any learning opportunity or brilliant realization of a concept is something I welcome. I enjoy teaching chess to those who want to learn, and I love when they make something of it. Life in general: I am a high school senior who has been on track and had many colleges contact me to go there. I have a special ability for mathematics, statistical and economical concepts especially, but the essence of philosophy and politics is also appealing. Ideas such as morality, standards, and legitimate authority are very suspect concepts to me. I find none of these things to be an objective or absolute good. The only religion I can accept would be one that has a reasonable basis attained through analyzing all of the perceived reality that I sense. At this time, none of them. Politically, I call myself a free thinker, holding high the idea of liberty. Any free being must denounce the subjective standards set by organized, centralizing human society and find the standards of success that fulfill the self-interest. Order, authority, and submission are not ends to be achieved, and should only be used as a means of attaining a greater purpose: freedom. Freedom is not slavery. (Read 1984, and you'll understand that reference.)
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