Dec 27, 2016
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 A view from my Chevy Camaro! Me, Mom and Dad headed to Oklahoma! They are considering buying a ranch up there and moving, (me included lol).  to be further out in to the country, which they think will be better for their little baby....ME!
One of my biggest wins in Dominoes this year! My opponent was ranked 1826 to my 1531...On top about to play my last domino, on bottom sealed the win!! Yeah!!!

Me and Spooky the Ghost getting ready for our favorite Month!! I found this Halloween Ghost light at Target while late night shopping for things I didn't need LOL! Looks good but I have too many bushes in the way grrr , I hope passers by can see it because I am the last house on the right. I turned in to a ghost too, to join Spooky to scare everyone who passes by us  BooOOOoOooOo! LoL!
THANK YOU SO MUCH OFFICIALQUEEN64!! This makes me smile so big!! Thank you!!

Here's proof that it snows here in Texas! Here is my Chevy Camaro getting pelted by snow and ice last year..ugh!!

A huge thank you to my Super Sis OfficalQueen64, for these awesome pictures! You are the best!!!

Thank you so much to my wonderful friend Zany Taco, for this beautiful picture you did of me! I am so proud of it, and thank you again, so much!

You can't be friend with me less'n your a fan of the Dallas Cowboys yeah!!

Hello cruel world, it's me again! I almost smiled, but I did not want to disrupt the Natural Order.

Thank you  again Yildiz!!

Thank you  again Yildiz for another wonderful gift!

Yes you are reading correctly! I was ahead 160-5 en route to a smashing victory over my opponent! It was a 250 pts. game, so she resigned! I actually had a shutout going, it was 145-0 at one point! I am much better at this, than I am at chess lol!
Playing dominoes today , taking a break from paper work. I beat a guy 2 games in a row, so in game 3, he said my wins were due to luck only, and that I am ugly, ( as he wrote in the console chat box). I have had this account for a few years, so that's an older picture of me,but anyone who thinks I am imagining all's proof I am not. Imagining it? No, that's the reality of my life, then....and now.

A friend of mine saw this on one of his friends page, and sent it to me. It  was obviously posted by someone who was once my friend. If you are out there, and you hate me this much, why do you continue to hurt me like this? Why can't you just leave me alone?

Thank you!