• Some powerful spammers @ADAM_PEATY, @Meowmeomeo and the god of trash forums @actionvolt, and finally our beloved strong player @SaiMandolOnTwitch, have u seen this man? @DemonDragon31

Some Cool People-

@ADAM_PEATY( a stoopid and a big simp who likes to talk non sense and a very cool dude my bestie UwU)

@Alishaxyz(a completely stoopid person who likes to roast and a very good person to chat with one of my besties UwU)

@SomeRandomPersonnn(Aye Smarty, a very warm-hearted person and very difficult to annoy seriously, it is difficult)

@RaufUsSabid7(U r born to suffer with me bro)


@Drag154(best person to practice with really like to practice with him and a kind person)

@Dragondom1(stop talking about dragons little moron and u better stop trolling me!!!)

@SaiMandolOnTwitch(mah bro, a strong player who streams on twitch!! Pls do check out his profile and follow him on twitch!)

@Mrkingcheckmate(a cool dude, sadly busy with his studies ig nvm I have adopted u 2 times 😎) 

@GMpraagu2003(a very sweet and a good friend!)

@Vihaan432(the dude is beyond ur understandings)

@RedCuteBallet(y don't u talk to meh?)

@cherry_blossom(a bery bery good girl,my daughter UwU and happy birthday in advance!!)