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57 year old guy hiding from food on the chess board! I have a cockerpoo called Doris and I am in Leicester in England married to Rachel the chess player. I have been a dedicated belly builder for about 57 years and am almost at my target weight of diabetes, high blood pressure and a black septic smelly rotting foot. all jokes aside the lard is coming off nice and steady and I have lost about two stones in weight.

I love pushing the wood (chess) and play mostly daily games, I am pretty much ocd so I went after the awards! I collect stamps, have a model railway and I write storys based around family and local history. (book is due out in 2024) I volunteer in a large community garden whenever possible and I understand the value of giving and receiving love.

From my bucket list I have a book coming out in early 2024, its all local yarns and fables, a swim in a stormy sea is on the list for October 2023 and I am getting a bicycle which I intent to do 15 miles per day on to work. I started training for the swim and cycling and the book is well under way. I done the swim (shame it was not stormy, it was extremely cold and my nipples are now rented out as tile scourers, and I got the bike!

Top tips for a better life:-

1. When making stir fry, put the hardest things in first, such as carrots, soft things in last like mushrooms. Sort out the order before you begin and life will be better, dont forget dark soy sauce in it to give it that little extra. Stir fry is your new go to meal now you know this!

2. If you are meeting a friend it is not ok for them to turn up late regularly, (rare times is ok) it means they do not value you or the time you spend together if they are always late. Find a friend who actually wants to be with you and is not with you because no one else will put up with them. It truely is worth finding good friends, there are others looking!

3. If you like someone tell them next time you see them. Today; when you meet with someone, be it your wife, your mother, a friend or whomever, if you like them tell them you like them and see their face light up. Once will be enough, but you must truely mean it! If you are feelign really brave tell a mature woman she looks beautiful, it will make them beam for  amonth.

4. One of the most wonderful things I incorporated into my mentality was this "Thoughts are not facts". Trust me, if you can absorb this mentality your worries will decrease tenfold.

6. Wash your hands more often, every disgusting habit you have, every disgusting habit you have ever heard of and every disgusting habit you can imagine are happening near and around YOU. So wash your hands to avoid eating other peoples bodily excretions.

7. Those boxes of family photo's at your mums/grans? Get a roll of plain stickers, go to your elderly relatives house and help them write who is who on the stickers, then put them on the back of the photos. These elderly relatives are the only ones who know who the people in the pictures are and they are YOUR history. You elderly relatives will love it and you will have preserved your own history whilst spending time with your loved ones.

8. You don't need drink and illegal drugs, blue cheese and a sleeping pill will take you down the rabbit hole.

9. People will only treat you how you let them.

10. Don't waste your time.