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Greg McLouth
Shelby, United States
Oct 19, 2009
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Jul 23, 2015
I played 3 sports in High School, I also found time to party down with the so called stoners, went into the Marine Corps and served my country, Honorably discharged I went from job to job, been married twice, single now for 15 years, but i finally found my soul mate, like a lighting bolt from the past I ran into a woman who was in the fourth grade with me, i remember giving her a 5 cent ring out of a bubble gum machine and she remembered it to. We are happy and planning for the future. Who knows what the wind will bring when you turn the corner. Love is even better at 49 years old ( nothing to do with the viagra of course), I love her badly and wish to grow old with her as my companion. My miracle ship came into port the day i ran into her, keep faith people, it does happen. I learned to play chess in the fifth grade thanks to my fifth grade teacher (Mr. Dennis Tucker) although i have never memorized the great players moves, i can do well enough to give any one a run for there money. I believe in exercising the brain and for me Chess is the gym for my mind.
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