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New Zealand, France
May 21, 2017
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6 hrs ago
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Bad spelling i know sorry if the names arent spelt right

Hey people its been a while since ive updated this hasnt it. ANYWAY news for people in general i am super busy at the moment but im still trying to commit myself to the chess stuff.

Anyway im working on 2 posts in which i think you will enjoy so have fun when they are realesed happy.png

So everyone just updated this click the read more to hear (or read really) it ALL. thanks for checking out my profile.


My National rating is only 1174but thats because i was really bad before and in my regonals its moved up 102 ANYWAY read on


WOW i haven't changed this in AGES well hello everyone well loads of things are hepping lately also INFINITY WARS PART 1 HAS BEEN REALEASED WOOHHOO i haven't watched it yet but i cant wait i keep on watching spoilers. 

NEXT BIG THING this ones mainly on me in my city we had a chess regonals and i came 2nd but i only came 2nd due to tie breaker i managed to get 7/7 and i wasm't even trying so thanks Chess.com which means i make it to the NATIONALS WOOHHOOO


THANKS SO MUCH TO CHESSKINGT he kindly out of his on good will has gifted me this star membership so thanks SO SO much ChesskingT if you could do him and me a favour watch his streams because he is a streamer would be great if you watched THANKS.

Hey these are my personal chess clubs i would really appreciatce if you joined them.

1. https://www.chess.com/club/destroyer-club

2. https://www.chess.com/club/kinetic-chess 

3. https://www.chess.com/club/dragon-destroyers 




Hello there this is my most favourite game



For those of you who see this game you will never expect whats going to happen

This match proves 2 things 1 is never qive up and 2 is giving your queen away is not such a bad thing

Hi im new here seen that this website is great for chess players like me and hope it makes you be good so you can be going to the Nationals like me best luck to you all and don't stop trying. happy.png 

I wont be here for three days because im doing the NZ intermediate nationals so bye for now i will tell you all my results

  Im back I managed to get 4 wins but 5 losses and manged to be the 48 best intermediate kid in NZ hope others like you get a chance like i did.

For those of you how want to know what I like playing the best its probley Blitz 10 minutes also for those how want to know my score in it it is

139 Wins happy.png22 draws meh.png and 139 losesfrustrated.png.




30 Wins happy.png 3 Draws meh.png and 28 losesfrustrated.png.

This is my best win so far Destroyer8470 vs Bracke9

This is my closed win also my best match ever even though I stalemated Destroyer8470 vs anonymous person

This is what could have happend without the stalemate

This isn't what actully happened

and this is my only loss on the 29/12/2017

only 1 loss suprising.

anonymous person vs Destroyer8470

most unexpected match ever

Not even i guessed my own moves

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