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First Tournament 1957

Most active: 1978-1984 (after a divorce and before a new marriage)

Now: Not quite reconciled to my slow decline in strength and speed at age of 71.

Some good news -- I am now the 2014 NH Quick Chess Champion, scoring 5-3 in an 8 round event and losing to #1 (GM A. Ivanov) and #2 (R. Perez) (who were from out of state). Actually #3 and #4 (IM D. Vigorito) were from out of state as well, so I won my title on tie-breaks. Then last Saturday I tied for 2nd in a small tournament in St Johnsbury VT scoring 3-1 with 2 draws.

Update 2015 ... did worse in the 2015 NH Speed Chess Event. Slow decline continues, but I am always optimistic about the future.

March 2016 -- played in the "NH Closed." Could have done better ... I lost after having a crushing position in Round 4 and a better position in Round 1. In Round 2 I defeated IM Joe Fang despite an inferior position out of the opening. 

In Round 3 I lost to Hal Terrie and in Round 5 i drew with Chris Wood after 5.5 hours.

Now it's September 2016 and I will be playing in Vermont on October 3.


Continuing to make negative progress ... did badly Oct 3. Lost a game by overlooking opponent's move, which I saw 1 second after I made my move, drew a game against the winner I should have won, and lost another game to David Carter.