Jun 26, 2010
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3 days ago
$1 per blitz game (3m+0s). $2 per three blitz games (5m+0s).$1 per 10 bullet games . $1 per video of my games or others (one game per video). BUY NOW!! OTHER SERVICES : giving comments on your games, making video from PGN format, detecting engines from the list of your opponents. Donations are greatly appreciated. Payment via PayPal (alkamil1@yahoo.com). Send a message for more information and some FOC limited services. YOU CAN IMPROVE : The road to chess improvement is normally a long and difficult struggle which requires a lot of hard work and commitment and with me you can stay motivated to be a better player such as playing with me more than 3000 bullet games per month (100 bullet games per day) or other slower time control such as 3 days per move. PAY ATTENTION WHEN PLAYING : If you’re not giving your full attention and effort to every game you play, why are you bothering at all? AVOID HOPE CHESS : the popular chess teacher Dan Heismann describes Hope Chess as being the mindset of players who make a move without properly considering what their opponent can do in response. EXPECT THE BEST MOVE : when you make a move you must have figured out what you think is your opponent’s best reply, and what you will do if he plays that. USE YOUR CHESS TIME WISELY : chess is a game which rewards deep thought and long analysis, so why on earth handicap yourself by only using a fraction of your time? YOU CAN IMPROVE : as anyone who has ever played chess can attest, the desire to improve is usually strong and compelling. PLAY THROUGH LOTS OF GAMES : use the online chess databases to play through games of your level or grandmaster level. digi_em CAN TRAIN YOU : chess teaches you setting a goal, develop plan and strive to accomplish it and you develop chess strategy to overcome the obstacles on your way there. THIS IS NOT EXPENSIVE : why not let me come to you, through your computer and help you train yourself with my services online? WHY PLAY CHESS ONLINE : one of the most popular reasons for playing games online is the opportunity to practice for when you play in the real world and with games that rely on a great deal of strategy, like chess and poker, it is important to practice in low-pressure situations before playing against in-person opponents.