YUP changed my whole bio rnnnnnnnn(will be updated everyday MAYBE) : )


Link: https://www.chess.com/club/shining-smiles-tu : )     

 I am so happy and grateful for everyone that joined and made  Shining Smiles grow with smiles, u cant believe how much all members there make me laugh and smile: ) No matter how hard and tough our days gets we still put a Shining Smile on our faces to make others smile too: ) 



Stay positive: )

If u always stay positive then ur positive vibes will automatically go to the person ur talking to and this will make people happier: ) UHHHHHH HOWWWWW GOOODDD ISSS ITTTTTT tooooo seee a smileeee on another humans face? Just imagine how much others r going through and how ur KIND words might be able to change their mood and make them happppyyyy: ) Staying positive will help u be a kinder person and a person that will be able to start a change in this world: )



YOU: ALLLLL of it starts with u: ) YOU can make the change: )




I'm in love with books!!!: )(ik ik out of nowhere XD) : )


Also, I love listening to people's problems I sometimes can find a solution and sometimes make a way easier but I am not the best: )

I also loveeeeeeee the sun, it makes me smile always: )

Bullying? think ur so cool? 
~~The girl you've just called "fat"? she's on a strict diet. The girl you just called "UGLY"? she spends hours putting on makeup, Hoping people will like her ~ The boy you've just ¨TRIPPED¨? He's abused enough at home! Oh, see that man with scars? he's fought for his ¨country¨! The guy you've made fun of for crying? His mother is "DYING"~~
This is a wonderful message and I'm sure 95% of you guys won't put this, the 5% have a heart💕 Try to always give positive vibes and spread love between people : ) 

Things that can make u smile: (u can put ur answer in this public forum here and I will add it to my bio  https://www.chess.com/forum/view/off-topic/whats-one-thing-that-makes-u-smile-81168303#comment-81168303

@Adenjeep: my dad

@beth_64: imbadatchessleavemealone

@unicornDude2010: stationary

@Supreeth493: when I'm pro in games. 

@bid: ligma, hes my favorite person

@hitmeimgodle: milk

@HistorycznyUpadekJaponii: My girlfriend as well as some situations and memes 

@Doris-M-Dog: Walking my dog with my wife. That makes me happy.

@Yuji_Lucas_Yamauchi_69420: The home depot near me.

@Oxford_James: You: )

@PrecisionGuessWorks: Jesus! AND My three best online friends

@DragonGamer231: The comic drama I watched recently that I may be overrating. 

@Festerthetester: topics moved to off topic.

@nk507053: chess

@MomoAkohehehe: smiles always

@CrashingTown: NOKIA 3310! i really love nokia awww it is sooooo cute

@aadityakabra123: Chatting on discord! message me if you wanna be my friend on discord (only if you love to chat). 

@DrPinapple32: Old nostalgic games like sky landers

@CaracticusPotts: being blocked

@RedSoldier898: The ear in my enemies eyes before i eat there heads

@MarblesTheDog03: @CaracticusPotts makes me smile

@Woollensock2: Having fun with the local mouse population 

@CaracticusPotts: Oh look! Me and my shadows. 

@Faraday_mate: Luna and ponies in general.

@BananaPeelEater: music, and u sis

@Aeacb_7221: many things make me smile

@thecReacher: Playing ⚽ and Talking to myself because I'm hilarious 

@speedyracer21: my 2 cats

@lincoy3304:Bro solving a problem after I’m done I just grin

@ExelSilverGymnast: cheese

@Barron_Von_Tito: Melvin.jpeg

@RchouDchou: McDonald’s

@The_Chess_Player37: Baseball.

@moseswallace: my gf

@OranegJuice: you

@salty_cookie_720: My mom I love her so much I don't think I could ever live without her

@Martux09: minecraft, nesquik, chocolate

@RedSoldier898: knowing I might have a family one day

@River_Fairy: Anything involving space or nature. I guess

@thefatcatgarfield: When my crush texts me ❤️

@Tahlia14: A memory from camping, My friends message once, Uhm, Ig a lot

@FireFalcon88: cats

@REroepoe37: My grandpa

@Knight_king1014: Obvious scam posts which lack any form of logic whatsoever and knowledge of the language.

@bangtan_army: food

@time2c: When my dad and I were walking back home up a steep hill and I kidded him that I could take him. I was about 13 and him in his mid 50’s. At that age, I thought 50 was a little old.And he smoked me.It was not even close.

@thefatcatgarfield: eating donuts

@MarblesTheDog03: peanut butter

@The_Chess_Player37: Chocolate coconut cookies!

@FauxMethods: What makes me happy is when I am given a difficult job and then left alone to complete it.  or when I can turn knowledge into understanding. : ) kinda odd i know!

@Bigbomber13: when I win a chess game

@VR0R4X: For me the destination you reach after honest hardwork in which sacrifices are included 

Psychologically it shows that when people think about stuff that they like or things that makes them smile then automatically they will find themselves doing it, so I wanted to remind people of things they like so they try and do it oftenly: ) it made me happy to see people writing their answers and the simple kind language there, I honestly loved how simple the things that made people r and how IMPORTANT they r to them: )

Random pics and facts about me lol: ) 

 hmm R u bored?: ) 

I can't live without cherries! I eat it every second. That's why my friends call me cherry lol : ) 

AH reading is soooo much fun: ) 

I love watching the stars alone. Sometimes with people: ) 

I listen to music while reading books or studying: ) 

I love knitting things for people: ) 

Always remember this: )

: )

 I love every human in this beautiful, amazing world, words will never describe how happy I am to be part of this wonderful world and to be surrounded by amazing humans that are amazingly awesome : ) 



-here u can ask me any question u want https://www.chess.com/blog/DIMA-48/ask-me-questions-lol : )


I really just wanted to say, that this world can change and more kindness can be shown towards other people, it will be more than amazing if u guys try to make others smile and MAKE THIS WORLD A BETTER AND HAPPIER PLACE: )

Last updated on 23.3.2023: )

(fun fact, sometimes I do update my bio but forget to update the date here loll, lately I have been double checking so this doesnt happen XDDD: )