Freelance writer, father of three, hanger of many pieces. Here are some things that make me happy, in no particular order: Cribbage, harpsichord music, the word "juggernaut," pine scented stuff, Friedrich Nietzsche, the television show "Firefly," paper airplanes, the Mobius band, pesto, the Pioneer Anomaly, Excel spreadsheets, and the sound a big sheet of ice makes when it cracks in the cold. Here are some things that make me unhappy, in no particular order: improperly cooked pasta, snow that changes into rain, Hillary Clinton, Boyle's Law, the sales tax on drinks at the bookstore cafe that turns $1.95 into the unwieldy $2.07, flying, the offsides rule, "modernism" in its ecclesiastical context, the smell of newly laid asphalt.