Now 42! Going through some rough years in my life. Dealing with a lot of personal drama! Trying to revive a passion I had all my life! Everything below mostly still relevant! 

I played chess sense before Jr High. In fact, I was at church CHILDRENS CAMP in Payson AZ, Tonto Ntnl forest when I learned. I was probably 10 or 12 years old, and a female camp counselor always carried a pocket game, and always had few kids around her at camp tables outside, playing various opponents. I watched for days, she probably played 100 games within 3-4 days, before I finally talked to her about playing. Actually, came down to a game she was playing with another young kid, finishing it up, I was the only onlooker finally, and after game was over, she looked at me and asked if I wanted to play. Told her I didn't know how, but been watching, and she suggested she teach me. After she showed me each piece's options, and why, we'd played 2-3 games in next couple days. The Camp Canteen (store) had pocket foldable magnetic boards, I bought one with camp money before leaving, playing a couple games in van with kids on way home. Eventually, developed a profile on my Y! account, much better rating than I have on here, and my love of chess grew from then, summer of 91 or 92.

To me, chess is a true test of strategy. Don't think I have ever seen two different games play out the same, too many variables. However, I have seen an ending almost duplicate another game, only difference was a pawn, same ending moves, same checkmate, etc, however, most game took very different path, wierd. Last 5 years, I came to conclusion that the brain is like a muscle, the more you excersise it, the more efficient it becomes at it's purpose. Chess, to me, is a tool to exercise the brain's cognitive muscle. No longer coaching. Many things we're complicated managing my life, single father of three kids, and managing my position as an independent contractor with Chess Emporium. Much love for the company though. Starting to teach my own children how to play, but when they get a little older, if I can ever afford it in the future, Chess Club is where I want my kids to go. Favorite Opening with white is Queen's Gambit. Though I sometimes try something different with King's pawn, not often though. For black, I always open King's Pawn. From there differs depending how white handles it. I would love to get back in to teaching chess. I find my self helping younger rated players on here at times when I come across many other's mistakes. I feel the best part of ANY chess game, playing Blitz, Online, or OTB; discussing the game afterwards with opponent, sharing on each other's thoughts about moves both made during game. After all, Chess is all about learning. If you can help improve your opponent by sharing with them their mistakes, not only does it help you better understand their moves, but if you play them later after bettering them, than it plays back on you, strengthening your own technique's in play.