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Doc Roy
Chi-Town, United States
Mar 8, 2009
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2 hrs ago
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Well I learn how to play chess at a very early age. Then around 8th grade I began to take it more seriously. I found a local park district here in Chicago named Tuley Park where my Chess Mentor, Mr. Thomas Finberg encouraged me to work on my game. It is here that I met my soon to be Chess Coach Mr. Pensky. By my freshman year in High School I was playing board 3 on our chess team. My junior year we took 2nd in the City Competition and 3rd in the State Playoffs. After High School I stop playing because I could'nt find regular competition other than in Hyde Park and North Avenue Beach. I did occasionally work and play for the Argonne National Laboratory and Chicago Industrial Chess Leagues but didn't stick to it. In an attempt to become competitve again I am currently being coach by USCF Expert Frank Johnson. Also I am reviewing as many games as I can of Grand Master Maurice Ashley (great tactician), International Master Emory Tate (master of the combination) and National Master Rene' Phillips (great attacker). Here's one of my better games:







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