Apr 23, 2020
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Hello! I am DonRajesh. 

I play on Lichess as well. Lichess profile

I make blogs to help people get better at chess, and you can check them out here.

For any players who are from America, check out US Chess, a club you can join to participate in many tournaments against other countries which are open to players of all ratings.

If you are not from America or want more active clubs to join, you can join

The Golden 64 Squares - a fun club with enough activities to keep you entertained

Chess Improvement Center (run by NM @EnergeticHay) - a club that you should join if you want to improve; this club has dozens of resources! There's also vote chess and live tournaments so you can put you skills to the test.

Other awesome people:

@SSFlappy007 - Introduced me to

@EnergeticHay (NM) - Cool titled player

@brawlstarsbeast56 - Leader of my team, and a good leader of my team

Dynamic Chess Energy T1 (NSCPBCL)

Player 1: C. @brawlstarsbeast56
Player 2: @tsrif1
Player 3: @vincent11205
Player 4: @chessrohan2
Player 5: @DonRajesh
Player 6: @ring-tailed_lemur

Also, The Royal Kings club is looking for coordinators! If you join, you will be promoted to coordinator within 24 hours.  If you are titled, you will become admin. Click here to join.

A new club has arisen! Join Brew's Chess Cabin, it's run by two National Masters so you know its got to be good. wink.png

Owner of: The Royal Kings

Admin of: Energetic Chess, Chess Improvement Center, Brew's Chess Cabin

Coordinator of: Dynamic Chess Energy Chess Club

Blogger for: The Golden 64 Squares

My favorite gambit is the Danish Gambit. It is pretty strong and sacrifices two pawns to gain a major head-start in developing and an amazing bishop pair.

Want to learn 3 more amazing gambits? Click here to view my blog on gambits!

Thanks for reading my profile! grin.png