Aug 22, 2011
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I played chess at school and a little at university.  Then I stopped.  12 years ago, I joined the internet chess club and found blitz chess addictive.  Frequently I would delete the program only to start again a few months later. 

A year ago I started to play OTB chess and to my surprise, qualified to represent the UK at the NATO chess tournament in Lithuania.  At this event I learnt of the site and haven't looked back. 

I play a little blitz these day, mostly I enjoy playing tournaments.  My targets are 2000 blitz, 2200 on-line and 2200 OTB. At the moment my OTB is 176 BCF and I have a FIDE grade of 2059. 

Online chess, I try to play quickly.  Like most players  - the better I feel about my position the faster I move.  I try to follow opening databases to improve my repertoire. 12 years of blitz was good for simple tactics and bad for everything else. 

 I also play bridge - DoubleDum is short for double dummy.  I chose it because it matches my initials.  One day I hope my chess will be smart - but until then I remain a dummy.

Have fun