The well-(un)known Professor of Garbage Chess, Dr Durkenstein. Puzzle Veteran. Chess Philosopher.

To see what GARBAGE chess is, check my YouTube page:

YouTube Channel about Garbage Chess

Disregarding the opponent and colour, Prof. Dr Durkenstein puts his right knight to the rim in the 1st move.

Apart from playing Garbage chess, Prof. Dr Durkenstein used to enjoy solving puzzles and Puzzle Rush. The personal bests are 64 in 5 minutes, 54 in 3 minutes and 52 in puzzle battle, achieved after solving 101K puzzles and 47K puzzle rushes at chess.com starting from early 2019 till the end of 2020 - likely, more than anyone ever at chess.com (by combined number of puzzles).
Since 2021 Prof. Dr Durkenstein is officially retired from puzzle battle. He would play puzzle rush just for fun, until his membership expires. The system introduced by chess.com in 2020 based on puzzle generation by ENGINE is not appropriate according to Prof. Dr Durkenstein, because engines generate a lot of pointless and trashy puzzles. Every puzzle has to be checked manually!

For example, this is the worst I've ever seen


Why would I continue playing when so many puzzles belong to The Hell?

In April 2020, Prof. Dr Durkenstein has founded a club for top puzzle rushers with 45+ in 5 minutes/39+ in 3 minutes: https://www.chess.com/club/pro-puzzle-battle-team
Anyone who fulfills the requirements is welcome to join!


3 minute puzzle rush is Evil and too speedy rushing makes you weaker in regular chess. It took me 2 years of intensive rushing to make this conclusion. Play 5 minute PR, this can be useful. Do not play 3 minutes!

Interviewer: What is the worst evil of chess?

Prof. Dr Durkenstein: Ratings. They kill the beauty of chess and turn the former royal game into a pure sport. Chess as a sport is dead, while chess has an incredible beauty as art/science combined!

Interviewer: And what is the second worst evil of chess?

Prof. Dr Durkenstein: Money, fees and prizes. They drive your aspiration into a wrong direction. You should think about beauty and quality of the game played, rather than how much money you will get for a tournament. Money and chess are incompatible - if you play chess, you should just accept it.