Sep 17, 2020
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2 hrs ago

Hi all. The advice I put up top is only part of what I'd recommend. These aren't actually just my advice but friends with ratings in the 2400 to 2600 range. If I still cared about studying or was starting all over again these r the things I'd do.

There was not enough space to add this: as far as opening study goes, just study basic opening principles like controlling the center (being able to put something on those squares without coming out on the losing end after trades). Get ur pieces out fast, castle early, etc. A good book is How To Open A Chess Game. 

The reason the center of the board is important can be seen by putting various pieces on an empty board in the middle and counting the number of squares they can move to. Pick different squares and compare. As u can see the more they move away from the center the more strength they lose. The reason different pieces have different values is because of the amount of board they influence. That's why a queen is worth more than a bishop, etc. It can simply move to more squares. So it's ur job to increase the value of ur pieces. For instance,  a knight may start out as worth about 3 pawns but u can make it worth more than a rook if u create an outpost for it in a vital part of ur opponents position. U can ruin ur bishops value by allowing the pawn structure to block it's squares. It may end up worth little more than a pawn after starting out being worth about what a knight is. So think about the value/strength of ur pieces and pawns as u play and analyze ur games.

And about blitz: the reason speed chess isn't good as a tool for improving is because u lack the time needed to think deeply. Training ur mind to think strategically is about repetition just like learning anything. So if u play speed chess too much ur not taking the time needed to think and learn. U end up repeating the same bad thoughts thousands of times. Ur just repeating mistakes quickly over and over. U can play it sometime but DON'T LET IT BE THE MAJORITY OF UR CHESS TIME IF UR TRYING TO IMPROVE. If ur just playing chess for fun and don't care about improving then certainly play blitz and bullet if u feel like it but never fool yourself into thinking ur getting better from just playing blitz.

Play in real tournaments even if u don't think ur ready yet. Thats over the board real tournaments. Get a real rating. U r ready right now. Ur gonna improve much faster by playing serious tournament games as opposed to online games.