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Jabe Esguerra

Manila, Philippines
Sep 8, 2011
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Jun 21, 2014

An adult (24 yrs. old) chess improver constantly in search for ways to bring his play to the next level - that's me folks.


And if you are on the same boat, I HIGHLY recommend that we buddy up and tread the RIGHT path to chess improvement together!

I've always been interested in discovering and using NEW and EFFICIENT learning techniques for my chess training regimen.

- Use of NLP (recommended by GM Aagard).


- Intense visualization exercises (it always helps when you can clearly visualize a position that's a couple of moves ahead).


- Thinking shortcuts and techniques (GM Smirnov, GM Soltis, IM Silman, and NM Heisman immediately come to mind).


- Brainwave entrainment for faster learning.


These are just some of the things I have dabbled with before, and I'm planning to have a serious and deeper look at what they offer as far as chess improvement goes.


In simpler words, I want to be a chess guinea pig. :D If you are interested and have some chess improvement experiments in mind, chat up with me and let's have a closer look at it.


Shameless PLUG: Here's a mini-website of mine: Chess Techniques [dot] NET. There you will find quite a number of interesting chess improvement articles and tons of tips that will help you and ME get better at chess!


It's a little thin at the moment BUT 2012 is going to be an active year for me chess-wise... and you can expect more goodies (annotated games, chess training positions, etc.) to be pumped into the site.

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