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Manchester, United Kingdom
Dec 14, 2012
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I am fascinated by all aspects of life. From cosmology, how chemicals combine to make life, how we interact with one another, these are all puzzles I like to study and understand.




Chess is another puzzle worthy of study. The deeper one looks, the more one can find.




My big brother, aka Wobblydog, taught me how to play chess at the age of seven. I remember thinking that there were one heck of a lot of rules. Then when he played en passant, I flipped my lid saying, 'You are making rules up so that you can win!'. So many growing pains. Anyway we played a lot of games on the old pocket chess set on the back seat of our Ford Anglia, the car with the cool back window. From there I then played chess for my school and at 19 I joined my brother's chess club at Swinton Labour club. We played many chess congresses in North West England during the early eighties. I then went to Huddersfield University studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering but continued to play for the University team. I left chess after graduating to focus on squash.


In 2008 I developed Motor Neurone Disease. This is a devastating condition that is typically terminal. I have been fortunate enough to survive seven years and look forward to surviving many more. However the disease has taken its toll and I have been rendered unable to talk or walk with other unfortunate deficits.


Every cloud has a silver lining and in this case I can play chess till I drop. Chess.com has been superb and lets me fulfil my true potential. I enjoy teaching, so that is where I am now at.


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