Nov 19, 2016
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Mar 8, 2018

Follow Me on Twitter-https://twitter.com/dynamicchess972                My name's Gaurav.I started playing chess at 12 and my love for the game has encouraged me to help others improve their game.I give lessons online and also have a channel on youtube called "Dynamic Chess".You can chek it out here-->>https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz1QgqjBXFJbMN_tgiFaKLQ

Here is the description of my channel-->Hello everyone,My name is Gaurav Hotwani.This channel is about helping more and more people to improve their chess skills as much as possible.It was created on 11th September,2016.The analysis of the games of masters will be shown here.We aim to update viewers with major world tournament games and a lot more info and nuances on chess games .I started to play chess at age 12 and have a decent rating of 2100+ on chess.com.These games are meant for instructive purposes and i hope you enjoy while learning at the same time.
Videos are uploaded every Sunday,Monday and Thursday.So, make sure to subscribe and feel free to like and comment any questions that you may have on chess topics.