Mar 2, 2013
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First off, before I say anything about me, I want to give a big shout-out to GM_Magnus_Kingdom for giving me a Gold membership and also a big thanks to Checkmate_Anthony for giving me a Platinum membership, I'll never forget their generosity. I can't tell them how appreciated it is! q=) People should really join Magnus Chess Corner, it's one of the good ones- for real. thumbup.png Although now I just wish that I could win myself a lifetime diamond though... oh well. q=)

To join the really, really cool club, Magnus Chess Corner: Click here.

Here's the link to mine too: q=) https://www.chess.com/club/willy-g-soulfire-and-crew

My other 5 favorite clubs: https://www.chess.com/club/hannah-georges-club https://www.chess.com/club/foodtopia https://www.chess.com/club/bright-pawn-league and https://www.chess.com/club/bikfoot-hype. Those are my top 5 clubs, ever. q=)

About me: I keep my heart on my sleeve. I like being friends with everybody I meet, and even though misunderstandings can even happen with best friends, just know it's never my intention to hurt anyone's heart. However, do be advised that even though I'm never out to start trouble, if you diss me before, during, or after the game, I will talk smack back. (Albeit probably more politely.) q=) Also, when I'm in Arenas, I won't usually say more than something like gg, well played, cuz I'm out to hopefully win! So if you wanna talk, I'm cool with it, but I'll be a lot more likely to talk after the game then during. q=)

These are 2 of my favorite chess-related shots I've seen yet xD! q=)

People on here who have been tremendous blessings to me: (Even if some of them might disagree with me on that, it's still true of each of them)

DelilahPedroza: She helped me come out of my defensive shell, and she really means a lot to me. You mess with her, you mess with me. She is like the little sister I knew I had, but never knew- a very special person in my life, who I love very much.

zany_taco: A really great friend, and also an awesome motivator! Thank you for believing in me, I can B Superman after all. q=)

MainFrameSuperTasker: He's a super great dude, and thanks to him and GM_Magnus_Kingdom, I was able to create the club I have, Willy G. SoulFire and crew, which is a dream come true for me. Two really great guys, for real.

Checkmate_Anthony: He gave me a Platinum membership- that really means a lot to me, and he's a really cool dude too!

ChessChimp01: She's the leader of Foodtopia; a really nice person, and one of the reasons I would do anything for her is cuz ya know your true friends when they have your back, even when you're not on. Thanks Anna! q=)

esmeow, or Esme for short: She's a friend of mine, and also a friend of some really great friends of mine too, a really special kid. q=)

Bikfoot: (I call him Bikky for short) He's a really cool streamer who said I'm a legend. Personally, I don't think I'm that good, (Not yet, anyway) but it was still very appreciated though! q=)

lilbenz: He's my bratty big brother, and me and him are always more or less messin' with each other's heads. (Haha lol!...) q=) He doesn't play or chat much, though- just to let people know who might try to talk to him, don't be disappointed if he doesn't get back to ya quickly- not to mention his reluctance to friend people here.

Slim Square: A funny homie from my block- and if ya get to know him, you'll quickly see that homie is one of his favorite words to say, homie. q=) xD

Amelia, Florida, International, Brenda, US, and Shaun moves, US: They're 3 of the great people on the Staff here, and they've helped me out a lot. I couldn't forget them.

OGMitch87: The man, the myth, the legend, the legacy. End of story. A buddy from my home turf who has a great heart, not to even mention his funny side! q=)

Lookinster: He's a homie of mine on the other side of the world, in Russia! q=) A great guy, and definitely a cool character. q=)

Rookheight: He's my former piano teacher. I just hope he never connects dots between martial arts and chess, cuz he's whupped me 46 times. xD q=)

Dragon_Fangs: She's the kind of person who's really rare on here; when I became friends with her, she gave me so many trophies and kind words I didn't know what to do with them all! A great personality. q=)

HannahGeorge10, aka Deane: She's been a big encouragement, always has something nice to say. A really cool kid. q=)

Applegirl435: Her and The Big Boys Club have my back, and I got theirs too. The kind of person who's humble enough to know that she's not better then anyone else, but also wise enough to know that she's different from the rest, in a great way. q=)

anirudchakkoli: Me and him are almost equally matched, with the current score at 7W/8L/1D in his favor. xD I made him a coordinator in my club, cuz he's dependable, and has experience with things like that. q=)

pgtheboss172: He's a friend of mine who I've been teaching off and on. He had a hilarious 650-point game once, lol xD...

andreas52: He was on my side when a good friend got removed from Chess.com for reasons I still find unfathomable; I never forgot that.

rcu21: He's a great kid, and I enjoy the goofy banter back and forth. There was one time he was a flying sheep, but that's a whole 'nother story... xD me and him also play together in the Intermediate Blitz League, which is also cool.

Why don't I chat during games? Well, #1, it can be used by your opponents to drain your clock, and #2, it just makes some people's day to say mean things, and I have no intention of playing along with that game and making their day. So if your only skill in life is blabbing abuse, I will block you, report you, and then you might realize that you made a mistake. End of story. q=)

And for those who don't think that they're making a mistake by being abusive to others, I tell them, look man, you can laugh at me now, but get ready to look me up on Wikipedia if and when I become famous. Cuz who knows- it could happen to anyone! q=)

Oh and if anyone was wondering about my feelings on it, I really don't like draws, (even though sometimes in endgames I manage to stalemate cuz I made the wrong move) so no draws will be given or accepted. Cuz to me, chess should be a fight to the finish, where neither side backs down from it. q=)

(A funny side-note: My only other known hobby other then piano and chess would be keeping an eye on my sometimes slightly obnoxious and unruly- but completely harmless- friends/followers, Slim_Square and lilbenz. They're a riot!)

P.S. To anyone out there who wants my age, number, location, so on and so forth, something you need to know is that I like privacy. Sure, people know my name, but I'mma tell ya right now, that I don't talk about personal stuff like that. I like being friends with everybody, but as far as that goes, it is what it is.

My favorite quote ever about myself here, by the great ChessTV streamer, Bikfoot:

We're legends, Chet- playing against a legend here- gg buddy, sometimes it goes your way, sometimes it doesn't. That is the way it is- some things will never change... That was actually a very strong player, with the focus, Chet. Laser focus! Eyes of a hawk! The hearing of a mongoose! Actually, I don't know if that's a thing- but it is now.”

(I totally missed 28 ... Rxf8 in the end there, but it's all good!) xD

Willy G. SoulFire

I love these songs!



And I love this song too, cuz it reminds me of one who is very special to me. q=)