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Win with grace. Lose with dignity. Edward
Rural Arizona, USA, Cuba
Sep 18, 2008
Last Login
Jun 9, 2016
Hi, I’m Edward. I live alone in rural Arizona where I have a peaceful life. I'm a man of honor and integrity. I'm forthright and my word is my bond. I am recognized by those who are close to me as someone who can be counted on. That's because if I must break a commitment, it is done directly, is well communicated, and it will come with a proposed solution to honor the commitment I made. I am guarded of those whose actions don’t match their words. I believe that following through with what we say we will do forms the basis for our meaningful relationships. I'm an explorer and an adventurer at heart. I'm moved by the wonder of discovery. Among my interests are self-sufficiency, permaculture and sustainability. My childhood passion was the ocean. I spent a lot of time there, both on the surface and below. In retrospect, it may have been the awe I felt over and over while under the sea that has moved me to explore, to learn, and to adventure. It may be genetic, too, I suppose. My childhood dream was to become a marine biologist and to dive the great reefs of the world. I love the ocean, the land, the animals, science, and music… and shoklett. Anytime is a great time for shoklett! My group here is called A Great Transition. Our theme is kindness and unity. We advocate kindness and a sensitivity towards others. We advocate sustainability. We advocate social justice. HaPpY CheSsing EveryOne!~ *under construction :) Thank you very much for all the invitations to play~ I've retired.
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