Hello, welcome to my profile!! This is Elliecraft123's profile here.

I like to play Minecraft, Among Us, Soul Knight and chess (Obviously)!

Please feel free to send me a friend request happy.png. Also please can you join these clubs: (I own the ones that say "PLES CLICKO!" and "cool plz join" and yeah. Even though I don't have membership, thanks to @Ra6931 he gave me the club and left the club happy.png)

JOIN PLEASE happy.png,



Cool plz join 


My top friends are (for now): @iKevvvv, @FMboat37, @BronzeGerbil... and that's about it for now! I will add some more later! Also if you are not on this list, don't worry as you could make me happy or like being kind, helping, joining some clubs (AND are my friends who I really like)I might add you on here! Plus if you are one of my friends please update on my blog cuz yeah they are mine and kinda interesting. (I have my blog link down below) Here is my favourite blog: https://www.chess.com/blog/Elliecraft123/hi-click-me-plz (By the way it's not a club advertisement!)

Also, I will always accept all friend requests, and I will always join club invites. I won't be accepting tournaments so you don't need to bother sending them to me.

By the way I changed my avatar but my name is still Fusion Core (from Soul Knight-it's a really cool game) because I like it. Also my avatar was on the internet so don't ask me if I made my pfp.

Bye everyone have a nice day and stay safe!!!! (Also, check out my blog 😀 click here!!)

I appreciate if you join these clubs in BOTH my blog and on my profile! Thanks for reading my profile!!! happy.png grin.png BYEEEEEEEE!!!! YAY!!! grin.png tongue.png