Emmanuel Nwosu
Lagos Nigeria, Nigeria
Jul 19, 2007
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Mar 9, 2011
Iove discipline, hate stupidity and dumb behaviour. Easy to joke wit and luv to laugh a lot...believe me, you'll need that in Nigeria. Of course I love to play chess a lot, it reveals how good you are in thinking when you are beating someone and how dumb you are when you are being beaten by someone, You are never really the best in the game of chess and that's why i love it. I love to converse a lot as you will notice in all my games. Just for the record, I think chess,com is da bomb, keep up the good job guys. We are really good friends except that he makes me stay awake almost all night even when i dont want to and you know what, i just love it. I am fairly good in the game and look forward to improving in my game.
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