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My name is Samuel, I'm 23 years old, and I'm studying Digital Media Production at Washtenaw Community College, and one of my dreams is to help people play chess and help them get better.  While I've never coached before; I really want to do it.  My current USCF rating is 1528 but because I haven't played in a lot of tournaments I've played casual games and have beaten people with a strength of  around 1800.  As a person with mental and learning disabilities and more than happy to work with anyone who has mental or learning disabilities.  I'm compassionate and understanding and willing to take more time and be patient with people mental or learning disabilities and teach them this game when other coaches may not accept people with these disabilities.  I'm open to teach anyone of any age whether they have mental and learning disabilities or not.  I'm also open to take on students and my price per hour.  Please fell to contact me about any questions about coaching and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

I like to play chess ,and i hope to be one of the best one day.  My rating might be low but it will eventually go up.  If you send me a group invite please message me on the profile not in my inbox cause i get so many of them i usually don't brother to check it that often or at all thank you.