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Daniel Guel

Waco, Texas, United States
Jun 29, 2013
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3 hrs ago
Supporting member since Nov 1, 2014

Hello, my name is Daniel Guel, I am seventeen years old. I live in Waco, TX in a house full of nine total people! I play with the small, though developing Waco Chess Club, and my rating is currently 1740 USCF with a peak rating of 1828, good for Class-A status.

Click below for Chess Coaching Services, and why I might be a good fit for you as a private coach!

Chess Coaching Services



I am now taking online students via Skype! However, I'm only going to accept a couple of students at a time, so if you for sure want chess instruction, please contact me ASAP! (note that the lessons via Skype will be voice call only, not video).

Why hire me as a coach? While I may not be a GM or IM, I work very well with beginners just starting out at chess, as well as intermediate players working to improve their game. My students collectively have won several scholastic chess trophies, so I believe that your chess progress will not disappoint with me as your coach.



I can look through the student's games, figure out their weaknesses, and work on a plan from there. I'm also able to help serious students who wish to succeed in tournaments formulate a formal study plan.



Here is what I can cover with the student:

  • Opening theory
  • Opening ideas
  • Tactics
  • Strategy/Positional
  • Endgame theory
  • Endgame ideas
  • Tournament psychology
  • Etc...

My rates:

  • $20.00 for one hour lesson
  • $30.00 for ninety-minute lesson
  • $40.00 for two-hour lesson
  • $90.00 for five hours paid in advance
  • $150.00 for ten hours paid in advance



Student Accomplishments:

  • Two novice students gained 242 and 298 rating points in one tournament respectively.
  • One student went from 1204 to 1398 in one tournament (+194), with a TPR of 1777. He tied for second place in the Open section of that tournament, winning a 3rd category US Chess norm in the process.
  • Three of my students won first place on a team in the Texas MS/HS Region II Chess Championships! One finished 3rd, the other 5th.
  • Student won the Middle School Novice section of the 2019 Texas State Scholastic Championships with a perfect 7/7 score.
  • Student tied for 2nd place in the 2019 Texas State Elementary Championship.
  • One of my students won 2nd place out of 100+ kids in his grade's writing competition for PBS. He wrote a story about chess. While I don't take credit myself as his coach, I am still proud of him myself. happy.png


Daniel Guel has been coaching my two Grandsons, ages 9 and 12,  for the past six months and I could not be more pleased with the results.  Daniel is an excellent player and coach. In the 2018 Texas state High School championship, Daniel defeated a Chess Master and two experts, and tied for sixth place with a strong expert level performance.  As a coach, he prepares extremely well for lessons with his students, motivates them to excel, and tailors each lesson to the student's specific needs. Due in large part to Daniel's instruction, both my Grandson's USCF ratings have soared over the past six months.  One Grandson went from a USCF rating of 1159 to 1398, while the other went from 480 to 763. What that means in terms of their Chess ability is they can now both play well above their age level, and hold their own in competition with high school scholastic players.

Not only is Daniel an excellent chess player and coach, he is also a person of high moral character and academic achievement.  He is an honor roll student in high school, having competed on his high school track and football teams. He is active as a leader in his local church.  This year (2019) Daniel will be entering college in the local area, and I could not think of any young person in Waco, Texas who has set a better example of  moral character, academic achievement and community service.

If your children have any interest in improving their Chess skills, you won't go wrong hiring Daniel Guel as their coach.

-Jack Castro

Daniel Guel is a strong tournament player whose proven coaching ability benefits chess students of all levels. It is my privilege to work with Daniel in a coaching setting for elementary students on a weekly basis, granting opportunity to personally witness tremendous improvement in the students he coaches. Daniel is patient and listens well, and in turn designs tailor-made instruction that facilitates growth on multiple levels. I particularly appreciate his calm and positive approach. Any individual who applies her or himself under Daniel’s guidance will play much better chess in short order.

Dane Fowlkes, Ph.D.

USCF Certified Chess Coach

"I’ve really enjoyed working with Priyav (for mychesstutor.com) and Daniel. In the few months I’ve been taking lessons I have increased over 150 elo points on my chess.com blitz profile and have come a long way in organizing how I think about my approach to every game and move that I play. They have also helped me to find opportunities to begin playing in tournaments and to begin developing my USCF standing. I am looking forward to continuing to work with them.


"My son loves the lessons. He feels his game is improving and wants to keep going. He is excited about using his new skills in a tournament. Priyav (for mychesstutor.com) and Daniel have provided great resources, the homework is meaningful and they are flexible with our schedule. They provide an excellent service."

-Student's mother

My story:

My chess story begins in May of 2013 when I discovered a chess software of my Dad’s called “Chessmaster”. I thought of it as just another computer game and started toying around with it. I was only able to play computer players, and held an impressive rating on the software of 1! I still did not have the chess dreams and aspirations I do today, though I did not want to look like the worst player on the planet! So I decided to start working my way up… and solely by playing computer players (and a comprehensive tutorial by Josh Waitzkin on the program), I got my Chessmaster rating to about 1000. I lost interest in Chessmaster and started playing on Chess.com.

A year later, at age thirteen, I played my first ever rated OTB tournament. I was excited to play in a tournament environment among some of the best chess players in Central Texas! As most players do on their first try, I struggled with one win out of three rounds and achieved an initial rating of 1081. A tournament later, I upset a 1400+ player (very impressive back then), and raised my rating to 1225! A year after that, I got 25 games with the USCF (meaning my rating was no longer provisional), and my rating was roughly 1400. I can brag about my rating surges until the cows come home, though feel free to check out this graph about my OTB progress:

My accomplishments:

  • 92nd percentile among all USCF players
  • 97th percentile among all USCF junior (under 21) players
  • 96th percentile among all Texas players
  • 146 regular-rated games under the USCF
  • Class-A player (1800+ USCF)
  • 3rd-category title earned on June 3rd, 2017. Visit http://www.glicko.net/ratings/titles.pdf for more info about these titles. I also have three second category norms, including one Candidate Master norm.
  • Tied for 2nd place in 2017 & 2018 Waco City Championship Qualifier/Tournament
  • Tied for 6th out of 95 in 2018 Texas Scholastic Championships, achieving a 2165 performance rating (good for 4th in TPR) as well as crossing 1800.
  • Victory against FM Dachey Lin (2340 USCF) in forementioned tournament with Black pieces.
  • I am also a tournament director for the Waco Chess Club and have credit for 36 tournaments directed (including Quick/Blitz tournaments).
  • I coach local students with ratings approximately between 200 and 1300, and we're having lots of fun.
  • Assistant coach for the Bosqueville ISD Elementary Chess Team. I just started this project with our head coach @SaintAthanasius, so hopefully, we will accomplish a lot together.

I placed 11th in the Texas Highschool Championship.

My long-term chess goal is to obtain National Master status (2200 USCF). Only 400 more points to go! I also aspire to be a professional chess coach once I reach NM. Even if I don’t do it professionally full-time, presenting the wonderful game to others and helping people succeed will always be a desire of mine.

Some random things about myself (chess, and not chess!):

According to 16-personalities, I am a logistician. Not all of the features perfectly match with my personality, though it’s pretty accurate overall. According to the chess personality test, I am a Professional, and I think their description of the style is very accurate to mine.

My favorite food is Mexican, though I really enjoy Italian as well. I believe Mexican has a larger variety of good foods, and plus, I am half Mexican.

My best chess friend is @PBFoster. We knew each other before we even were into chess. I introduced him to the game, and we both loved it. We’ve played eight times in tournament play, and I currently hold a 5/8 edge. He is currently stationed in the Air Force.

My most frequent tournament opponent is Waco City Champion Jason Howell. We've played ten times in tournament play, and I have yet to beat him (0 wins, 2 draws, 8 losses). I think that will change soon.

I play with the small but growing Waco Chess Club. Feel free to visit our website.

I live in a house with two parents and six siblings! All but one are younger than me.

I am a Junior in High School. I was homeschooled all of my life until this year when I enrolled in a small public school. I’ve had a good time there, and look forward to my Senior year! I plan to go to a community college for two years, then hopefully some university for my last two years. I played football and ran track for my school.

I’ve had three chess coaches in the past: NM Sam Copeland himself (2016), NM Julian Lin (2016-2017), and a couple of sessions with NM Aaron Grabinsky (2018). I’ve had fun working with all of them. I am currently not being coached.

A few more notes:

  • I used to only friend people I personally know. However, I’ve been opening up to users I know well digitally (through my blog, comments section, etc). I still don’t friend just anyone, though feel free to send me a request.
  • ***Update: While I am open about friending people, I try at the moment to keep my friend's list compact. I may unfriend users if I rarely connect with them, and I feel like they are on my friend's list just because. So please don't be offended if I unfriend you. If you ask, I will probably not give a reason, though it's rarely going to be something personal.
  • I’m currently not accepting daily requests, though that is subject to change. PM me if you want to play live.
  • I block/report members who are consistently rude, cuss/swear in my content, etc. Some people, I may block them for an indefinite amount of time (one week, one month, etc). I also block users who use annoying behavior during games (example, repeatedly offering draws, deliberately stalling in a losing position, etc) I normally don’t take the time to detect cheaters, though I will occasionally run a game I lost through the computer. So watch out cheaters! If you’re suspected, you are blocked and reported!
  • If you private message me, it is my goal to answer, though don’t take anything personally if I forget. Pester me again! Though please don’t initiate conversations on my notes that would be more appropriate for PM. If you post a note on my profile, I may not answer!
  • Also, feel free to email me at danieljguel@gmail.com

I think that’s it…

Now check out my blog!

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