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Daniel Guel

Waco, Texas, United States
Jun 29, 2013
Last Login
2 hrs ago
Supporting member since Nov 1, 2014

Hello, my name is Daniel Guel, I am seventeen years old. I live in Waco, TX in a house full of nine total people! I play with the small, though developing Waco Chess Club, and my rating is currently 1803 USCF with a peak rating of 1828, good for Class-A status.

Note: I know some of the info is not updated!

Chess Coaching Services

I'm currently offering in-person lessons. If you live in/around Waco, or the Central Texas area, feel free to drop me a message. I'm currently not offering skype/phone lessons, though that may change soon. I currently have five students. All of them are local and in person.

My current rate is $20 per hour.

However, current students and clients who contact me for lessons before 8/15/2018 can still have lessons for $15 per hour.

Student Accomplishments:

  • Two novice students gained 242 and 298 rating points in one tournament respectively.

My story:

My chess story begins in May of 2013 when I discovered a chess software of my Dad’s called “Chessmaster”. I thought of it as just another computer game and started toying around with it. I was only able to play computer players, and held an impressive rating on the software of 1! I still did not have the chess dreams and aspirations I do today, though I did not want to look like the worst player on the planet! So I decided to start working my way up… and solely by playing computer players (and a comprehensive tutorial by Josh Waitzkin on the program), I got my Chessmaster rating to about 1000. I lost interest in Chessmaster and started playing on Chess.com.

A year later, at age thirteen, I played my first ever rated OTB tournament. I was excited to play in a tournament environment among some of the best chess players in Central Texas! As most players do on their first try, I struggled with one win out of three rounds and achieved an initial rating of 1081. A tournament later, I upset a 1400+ player (very impressive back then), and raised my rating to 1225! A year after that, I got 25 games with the USCF (meaning my rating was no longer provisional), and my rating was roughly 1400. I can brag about my rating surges until the cows come home, though feel free to check out this graph about my OTB progress:

My accomplishments:

  • 92nd percentile among all USCF players
  • 97th percentile among all USCF junior (under 21) players
  • 96th percentile among all Texas players
  • 146 regular-rated games under the USCF
  • Class-A player (1800+ USCF)
  • 3rd-category title earned on June 3rd, 2017. Visit http://www.glicko.net/ratings/titles.pdf for more info about these titles. I also have three second category norms, including one Candidate Master norm.
  • Tied for 2nd place in 2017 & 2018 Waco City Championship Qualifier/Tournament
  • Tied for 6th out of 95 in 2018 Texas Scholastic Championships, achieving a 2165 performance rating (good for 4th in TPR) as well as crossing 1800.
  • Victory against FM Dachey Lin (2340 USCF) in forementioned tournament with Black pieces.
  • I am also a tournament director for the Waco Chess Club and have credit for 36 tournaments directed (including Quick/Blitz tournaments).
  • I coach local students with ratings approximately between 200 and 1300, and we're having lots of fun.
  • Assistant coach for the Bosqueville ISD Elementary Chess Team. I just started this project with our head coach @SaintAthanasius, so hopefully, we will accomplish a lot together.

I placed 11th in the Texas Highschool Championship.

My long-term chess goal is to obtain National Master status (2200 USCF). Only 400 more points to go! I also aspire to be a professional chess coach once I reach NM. Even if I don’t do it professionally full-time, presenting the wonderful game to others and helping people succeed will always be a desire of mine.

Some random things about myself (chess, and not chess!):

According to 16-personalities, I am a logistician. Not all of the features perfectly match with my personality, though it’s pretty accurate overall. According to the chess personality test, I am a Professional, and I think their description of the style is very accurate to mine.

My favorite food is Mexican, though I really enjoy Italian as well. I believe Mexican has a larger variety of good foods, and plus, I am half Mexican.

My best chess friend is @PBFoster. We knew each other before we even were into chess. I introduced him to the game, and we both loved it. We’ve played eight times in tournament play, and I currently hold a 5/8 edge. He is currently stationed in the Air Force.

My most frequent tournament opponent is Waco City Champion Jason Howell. We've played ten times in tournament play, and I have yet to beat him (0 wins, 2 draws, 8 losses). I think that will change soon.

I play with the small but growing Waco Chess Club. Feel free to visit our website.

I live in a house with two parents and six siblings! All but one are younger than me.

I am a Junior in High School. I was homeschooled all of my life until this year when I enrolled in a small public school. I’ve had a good time there, and look forward to my Senior year! I plan to go to a community college for two years, then hopefully some university for my last two years. I played football and ran track for my school.

I’ve had three chess coaches in the past: NM Sam Copeland himself (2016), NM Julian Lin (2016-2017), and a couple of sessions with NM Aaron Grabinsky (2018). I’ve had fun working with all of them. I am currently not being coached.

A few more notes:

  • I used to only friend people I personally know. However, I’ve been opening up to users I know well digitally (through my blog, comments section, etc). I still don’t friend just anyone, though feel free to send me a request.
  • ***Update: While I am open about friending people, I try at the moment to keep my friend's list compact. I may unfriend users if I rarely connect with them, and I feel like they are on my friend's list just because. So please don't be offended if I unfriend you. If you ask, I will probably not give a reason, though it's rarely going to be something personal.
  • I’m currently not accepting daily requests, though that is subject to change. PM me if you want to play live.
  • I block/report members who are consistently rude, cuss/swear in my content, etc. Some people, I may block them for an indefinite amount of time (one week, one month, etc). I also block users who use annoying behavior during games (example, repeatedly offering draws, deliberately stalling in a losing position, etc) I normally don’t take the time to detect cheaters, though I will occasionally run a game I lost through the computer. So watch out cheaters! If you’re suspected, you are blocked and reported!
  • If you private message me, it is my goal to answer, though don’t take anything personally if I forget. Pester me again! Though please don’t initiate conversations on my notes that would be more appropriate for PM. If you post a note on my profile, I may not answer!
  • Also, feel free to email me at danieljguel@gmail.com

I think that’s it…

Now check out my blog!

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