Aug 6, 2019
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Click on that to see our posterboy of this wonderful cause.

Click here to see our fan club for him. Like seriously, I am only asking you to click. Not to join just to click. If you decide to join because of how awesome it is, good for you.

Note: green text is just normal text, Orange text usually means that it is a link.

Bet you don't know where the first photo is. If you do, message me, and if you are correct I will give you 10 trophies.

Game you got jebaited into clicking on my profile.

About me: 

I am the official Banana Knight, hvenki knighted me personally.

I am also the chairman of frogs.

I am also the Senate of Rainy Forest Districts.

I am also the official royal jester, hvenki gave me the choice of that or farmer.

I got my notes NUKED by this GUY.

I am always open to unrated challenges, unless I am doing something like school.

My favorite football team is the U

My Chess personality is apparently an anaconda, but this must be a mistake as it is suggesting I play the Reti as white and the awful French as black

I have a First, Last, and Middle name.

I go to school.

I am very good at taking naps.

I may or may not be underrated in USCF, lol.

I am a very boring person, so let's move on.

Openings I play the most: I don't play these lol, thought it would be that easy to prepare for me, wait I just gave you 2 systems I don't play.

White: 1.d4 playing the London system

Black: 1.anything I play the hippo.

Accomplishments: #1 Getting off of my couch today

Oh wait I have none lol

Wait I do have one. 

MC challenged me to a custom position where he had a queen vs my knight in an endgame, and I managed to beat him. View that game here

Before you say anything bad about me, I have a little something for you

If you payed attention you would have realized I never included the puzzle I promised. That's because the real world sucks, deal with it.