Hey guys, the first thing you really need to know about me is that I am a cyborg... jk jk no not really lol but i hope you like my pfp!! And I hope you can all join my club and some of the clubs I suggest you to join!

and here are are some great clubs that you should join!

1. Life of a king chess club

2. Coolest Chess

3.  Starwars Fan Club 

4. The Clumsy Club

5.  The Funny King Chess Club

Also please join my club "The Mandalorians". It is an active and fast growing club with 115+ members! And we have matches, vote chess, puzzles, tournaments, and more! Also be sure to join if you are a Star Wars fan or you really like the TV show "The Mandalorian", because as you might have already guessed by the name, the club is also kind of about The Mandalorian and star wars and stuff like that but it also has a lot of stuff with chess so please join even if you are not a fan of star wars or The Mandalorian!

And here is the link for it: The Mandalorains


And here is what one of my great friends @charmander007 made for me:

so that's about it

not yet though sorry... one more thing!