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Jackson, Cayden (fide.com)

If I don't know you please don't send me club invites!

If you look up what the most important meal of the day is, it says breakfast. If you look up what the least important meal of the day is, it also says breakfast. Huh.

My chess personality is surgeon.

I like draws. Please offer one if you play me, and I will accept 99% of the time.

@maddyrooks is my younger brother 

@hotdogbob is my dad

@beckabuk is my mom

@TheOpinionMan is my older brother

My oldest brother has no account

Short-term goals: 2200 rapid

1700 daily

3400 puzzles

2200 blitz

2200 bullet

1800 USCF

1700 USCF quick

1700 USCF blitz

1500 FIDE

GMs beaten: none

IMs beaten: none 

FMs beaten: @fawolizzo, @chessmanp

NMs beaten: @kismet6, @CaroInferno, @ashookk, @tedbelanoff, @fpawn, @Kostukov_Alex, @samirsen, @JRenatoMaranhao, @gurudub, @Sashastrong (getting rid of the NMs list when or if I finish 2nd row)

CMs beaten: @ganzy, @Canary2016, @anskam, @cmunda, @Sebazzano